Trudy Reid - Tarot Reader & Psychic

"I have had several readings from Trudy and am always left with my mind spinning with possibilities! She has a way of tapping into my character and revealing things about me that I wasn't even aware of. Once these traits are brought to the surface, so many other aspects of my life make more sense.

She has a very intuitive nature, and a real gift! One of the best parts of a reading with her is that she has a VERY peaceful nature, and a aura that instantly relaxes you....:) When I was pregnant, I had a reading at about 3 months along, and it was AMAZING! The first card she revealed to me was that of a baby in a womb which doesn't always mean a child is on the way however, in my case it most certainly did. The reading she gave was fantastic! It told me exactly what was currently going on in my life and revealed to me a wonderful future. Now that my child is 9 months old, looking back, the reading was spot on.

When life is great, and when life is not so great, a reading from Trudy will always leave you with a feeling of hope and most of all a feeling of peace"

- Sincerely, Tina Nixon (Moncton, New Brunswick)

Trudy Reid - Tarot Reader & Psychic

"I am writing to express what a truly unique and intuitive person Trudy is. She has a real psychic gift and has helped me through some difficult times and difficult decisions with her insightful readings. Every time they are spot-on and focus exactly on where my life is at the moment and the direction it may be taking."

- Bonnie Berkow, New York City

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