I am an experienced, intuitive "Reader" and would love to do a reading for you using the Celtic Rune Deck. I will draw three cards (for Mini Reading) and send you the results via email for you to print and save for future reference. You can also choose to have a longer, full reading done. An added crystal consult will be included with your reading - advice on which crystals/stones (your personal power stones) you should wear/carry, according to your reading results. If you are interested in finding out what the cards reveal for you, send me an email and we will proceed from there.

Tarot Card Reading - Celtic Cross Spread
with Jordan Reid from Ramshackle Glam

Here are a couple of Sample Readings to inspire you!

Mini Tarot Reading Sample #1

Some very nice cards are showing up in your reading!
You may have had to make some sacrifices and deal with some challenges in the past, but you have moved forward and are now in a period of prosperity and fulfillment. You posses lots of inner strength and resources and need to put them into action.

Your Karma is good right now, with increasing activity concerning attracting money.
Finally, keep family and friends close. There are some positive developments in store for you linked to social contacts. Use your will to make your wishes come true. Abundance and celebration is in the air!

Crystal Consult: Your best stones for the next six months are Amethyst (healing) and Turquoise (good for communication and protection)

Thank You
Peace & Happiness

Mini Tarot Reading Sample #2

The cards are showing a time of transformation for you. Your life may be altering and heading in a new direction. Prepare for some delays. You will have some important decisions to make soon.

Regrouping.... Take advantage of some quiet time to assess what is going on around you, take another look at your goals and enjoy the peace and serenity of total inaction. You need to find your point of gravity. There may be an issue in your life that requires some deep thought. Re-grouping of energies is a good thing. When the cards show this is needed, then there is usually something exciting on the way for you that will take lots of energy, so you need to prepare....

You are also heading into a bit of an emotional period, where you should trust your gut reactions and try to go with the flow. Rely on your intuition in the next little while and stay flexible and open to new ideas.

Finally, your reading shows the number three is prominent — three days, three weeks, three months. Keep this number in mind when making plans or looking for results. (You might want to carry three stones/charms, etc. with you to help make things happen!)

Crystal Consult: Your best stones for the next six months are: Garnet (bonding) and Peridot (calming)

Thank You
Peace & Happiness

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